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Bringing people who love horses together with the horses we love

Coming up Saturday March, 28th...

Help Save "Beach Boy!"

Our beautiful Golden Beach Boy recently came off of the track with a leg

injury, and if he is to ever find his forever home, and a great new second

career, he needs surgery.  It will cost us at least $2700.00 and we need

your help!

Join us for a night of fun and bowling at Pin Chasers on Saturday March 28th from 4PM to 6PM and for $20 per person get unlimited bowling and shoe rental!

If enough people come, it will be enough to save our beautiful boy, and get him on the road to recovery, and a great forever home!  See you there!

MOTTO: Rescuing. Rehabilitating. Rehoming.

MISSION: Equestrian Inc. Horse Rescue is dedicated to providing a rehabilitative sanctuary for abandoned, abused, unwanted or slaughter-bound horses.  We strive to bring people who love horses, together with the horses we love.

Equestrian Inc. is a horse rescue located in Tampa, Florida. We do not sell horses, but facilitate the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of those animals in our care. We do have some permanent residents, but strive to adopt out as many animals as possible to loving, informed homes. We are volunteer ran and operate on donations.

Remember, your donations may qualify for tax deductions and will help us in so many ways.
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Equestrian Inc.

4902 Timberlan St.

Tampa, FL 33624 


Please make checks payable to Equestrian Inc.




SUNDAY APRIL 19, 2015 AT 11a.m.

Hey all you horse lovers, we’re looking for new volunteers to attend Orientation Day! We are wishing to focus on expanding our group of core volunteers to provide frequent, ideally scheduled, assistance to us on either dedicated days, several times a week, or even everyday if you wish... with all of our day-to-day operational tasks such as feeding, cleaning stalls, turn out, turn in, exercising, grooming, etc.  Don't worry if you don't have the experience, all you need is the time and desire, we'll teach you the rest! 

Here’s a chance to learn neat new stuff about horses and help out around our farm.  We also need anyone with all-around fix-it skills. So if you want to help us out and make great new friends, just sign up by emailing We respectfully request a $20 minimum donation which goes to feed our horses. We recommend wearing boots or shoes, and clothes - all-of-which you don’t care if they get dirty. See you at the farm!

Please know that Equestrian Inc. is volunteer operated.  80% of our annual operating budget goes directly toward the care of our animals.  Those who are involved with us are paid via the love given to them from the animals, but not with money.

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